LA-Sistema Recursos Humanos


System for Department of Human Resources, where you can keep track of personal data, salaries, permits of all employees, it also automatically calculates the salary, bonus, vacation and generate it on a sheet.

LA-Sistema Control Inventario


Inventory Control System, where you can keep track of all inventories and their movements, you can also perform sales invoicing and generate reports of different kinds.

LA-Sistema Estados Financieros


System for the Department of Financial Statements, where you can take all the amounts of purchases, sales and expenses, after generating reports of this function, and allow data analysis to be recommended in the next purchases.

LA-DUI Saver


Document Recording Software, where you can record data quickly, efficiently and centrally, allows you to avoid repeated data.

LA-Aplicacion Inventariar


Inventory Counting System, where you can enter counted inventory through an application on a mobile device, with pre-entered product data, for easy and fast handling.

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